River Village Shopping Center 3300 Cobb Parkway, Atlanta, GA. Suite # 110. Atlanta GA 30339


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Our Location: River Village Shopping Center 3300 Cobb Parkway, Atlanta, GA. Suite # 110. Atlanta GA 30339

Company Overview

Stellar Power Yoga (SPY) offers yoga classes, workshops and trainings. SPY is located in the Vining’s neighborhood of Atlanta, GA, the new home of the Atlanta Braves beginning Spring 2017. SPY’s goal is to create a mindful awareness of all the benefits of yoga as well as accommodate those who already practice the art of yoga. Our mission is to bring balance and unify our community by injecting positive energy in each class that we teach which will ultimately transfer and reflect in our every day lives. We will share our desire with the community to live longer happier and fuller lives. We are in this together!.

SPY is located near two major highways, 75 and 285, convenient for our local community of amazing neighbors but also quickly accessible to urban professionals traveling to the area for work.

Purpose Statement: To improve the quality of life of individuals regardless of age, race, gender, disability or financial status, by locating and exposing the rays of the brilliant star that lives inside each and every one of us!

Meet The Instructors

My name is Miriam Frost. Founder & Owner of Stellar Power Yoga. Stellar Power Yoga (SPY) is located in the Riverview Village Shopping Center in Vining’s, GA. 3300 Cobb Pkwy Atlanta GA. Suite 110. Studio is approximately 1470 square feet, SPY is easy walking distance to several restaurants, a health food store, and supermarket.

About ME!

Born and raised in New York City. I relocated to Charlotte NC 2001 where I raised my two boys. Both played collegiate football Division 1 & 2. Miriam Frost has 20 years' experience in operations working for Fortune 500 Company and in addition 15 years of progressive experience in the fitness industry. Passion for fitness, exceptional equalities and effective results. Ability to work with all levels of fitness. Dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction as well as committed to mentoring fellow Instructors through coaching recommendations, trainings and best practices.

Director of group fitness at Bally's Total Fitness in Charlotte NC for 5 years. Group Fitness Coordinator at Urban Active also in Charlotte NC prior to the 32 location nationwide acquisition by LA Fitness.

Relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2013 and quickly landed several opportunities teaching at several studios in Atlanta including Be Yoga in Marietta, GA, The Body Bar in Smyrna, GA as well The District at Vining’s. Miriam is well known in the community and well-respected as a teacher who is selfless and empowering.

Miriam is a certified Power Yoga instructor. Completed 200-level at Yoga One in Charlotte NC in 2013 and currently working on completing the highest level 500-hours on June 23rd 2017 at Red Hot Yoga in Atlanta GA.

My mission in life is to motivate, support and encourage individuals through the practice of Power Yoga. At Stellar Power Yoga not only will you learn to face your fears but to also turn those fears into opportunities for greater possibilities! We will fight depression recover from setbacks in a non-competitive and non-judgment environment. We will work to find our truth be resilient and persevere! My goal is to create and pandemic of love and support throughout our community that can be echoed throughout the world.


Miriam Frost

Founder/Owner Stellar Power Yoga

My name is Brooke Stewart. I am a young high energy professional who has devoted my career to serving the justice system of Georgia as an attorney. In the legal field I have experienced and witnessed first hand the stress and burn out brought on by the everyday pressures of our chosen profession. I needed to find an outlet that not only addressed the physical stress but also the mental and emotional stress that was taking a tremendous toll on my wellbeing. That outlet was yoga. I walked into a hot power yoga class and the tension and anxiety melted away. It was like an instant recharge that gave me the release and escape I needed. As an instructor it is my sole goal to offer my students that same release and escape from the stresses of their everyday lives.

I received my 200RYT from Kashi Atlanta because I wanted to do my training with a program that made karma yoga and giving back to the community a primary focus. Particularly, Kashi offered yoga classes to those incarcerated in our prison system in an effort to break the systemic cycle of crime. I truly believe that yoga is an agent of change. Using yoga to effect positive change in one person or an entire community is the cornerstone of my practice.


Brooke Stewart

Stellar Power Yoga Partner / Instructor

My name is Christie Shaw. I am a healthcare professional who decided to submerge myself into the fitness industry when I had an opportunity in Radiology School to care for patients who had debilitating illnesses that hindered their daily lifestyles. I began to wonder how I could positively impact lives by providing people with the right tools that could empower them to take their health into their own hands. After working in the Emergency Room and enrolling in graduate school, I continued to obtain multiple certifications through AFAA that provided me not only the foundation to instruct members in different fitness settings but also afforded me an opportunity to be a fitness consultant to Elite Women of Excellence, an Atlanta non-profit organization, and direct and choreograph a fitness video to provide to youth girls.

Of all the fitness formats that I have experience in teaching, my favorite is fusing the art of Pilates with the discipline of Yoga. Blending a mind-body concept of core strength with inner discovery provide an enhanced benefit holistically. I will continue to couple my healthcare and fitness knowledge together so I can influence change and progression in members who take my class and the community at large.

Christie Shaw

Stellar Power Yoga Partner / Instructor


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Our Location: Riverview Village Shopping Center 3300 Cobb Parkway, Atlanta, GA. Suite # 110. Atlanta GA 30339

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